Pressure Control Valve vs Pressure Regulators: Differences and Uses

pressure control valve

What are the differences between pressure control valve and pressure regulators and where are they being used?

With some of us aren’t entirely informed about specific pneumatic tools, it is best to be in-the-know of the features, benefits, and safety information regarding pressure regulator and pressure control valve.


Pressure regulator’s key purpose is to make certain that compressed air is not wasted in a pneumatic system. Simply, it works to control an application’s pressure through adapting the inlet pressure levels, maintaining the outlet pressure.

It is pre-installed in a valve to ensure that it will not be exposed or cycled to reverse flow, allowing a pre-set pressure to run downstream to volumes including cylinders. Note that with regulators, proper setting and sizing is very important for efficient air consumption, for when a regulator is too large for a system, the waste energy and air usage are increased.

Regulators are reactive to gas or liquid pressure, and they alter when necessary.

On the other hand, pressure control valve operates in changing resistance to the fluid’s flow but doesn’t adjust its destination. Simply, the fluid that goes through this valve continually proceeds to its supposed destination and is not disoriented. An excellent tool for applications that require a reduced pressure to cylinders.

Found in almost every hydraulic system, pressure control valves serve in a wide range of functions of which include maintaining a part of a circuit’s set pressure, keeping the pressure of a system below a determined upper limit.

Its design is for cylinder or other volumes, and a valve output’s use where reduced pressure is inclined., guaranteeing system performance and optimised energy usage. For continuous flow applications, it is ideal to have a built-in high volume check valve built for rapid reverse flow.

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