Pressure Control Valve: The Binary Counter Valve

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A binary counter valve is a pressure control valve that is a pulse operated 5/2-way valve. Control signal inlet and outlet ports are alternately used or exhausted and energised. A binary counter valve can be electric actuated or pneumatic actuated.

Main features

One switch or button is the way to control electrical or pneumatic actuations with binary counter valves. Actuation of the valve happens using a pulse. When actuation occurs with the control button or switch, the valve will change positions. Controlling the same button or switch returns the valve into the start position.

Controlling a binary counter valve is based on an internally integrated sequence system. Actuation happens with the main spool and two pilot spools fully integrated into an aluminium valve block. No common mechanical parts or ball-point parts are used inside binary counter valves. When properly installed and under the right conditions, the valve can achieve 10 million cycles.

Basic technical information

  • Medium – Compressed air, filtered to min, 50μ, lubricated or non-lubricated, dried or non-dried, above drewpoint.
  • Air bar – 4 bar – 10 bar.
  • Temperature range – 0°C up to 70°C.
  • Flow – 460 NI/min.
  • Materials used:
  • Body – Anodised aluminium.
  • Spool – Brass.
  • Seals – NBR and PTFE.
  • Others – Steel.
  • Mounting – Drilled mounting holes on mounting plate, suitable for M4 bolts.

Binary counter valves are suitable for numerous electrical or pneumatic applications. The simple counter control function of the valve, along with proper materials and compact size, makes this binary valve ideal for all industrial applications, especially with the food and transport industries. As a flip-flop type of valve, it can control slides, flaps, doors, and locks for conveyor systems, to name some. For example, a typical transport application would be for controlling a bus door.

Univer, Master Mac 2000, and the AP-500

Univer has developed the AP-500 compact binary counter valve with integrated sequence operation. It is suitable for a wide application in every industry, including the transport and food industries. The AP-500 has proven ideal for controlling slides, flaps, doors, and locks for conveyor systems. This binary counter valve is available for versions in the electrical or pneumatic actuations. The valve’s operation is based on an integrated sequence with no mechanical binary parts involved. This means that friction on the inside of the valve is reduced to almost zero.

Master Mac 2000

For pressure control valve needs such as the binary counter valve, Master Mac 2000 offers the finest brands available, especially with the Univer AP-500. Master Mac 2000 has been a leading distributor of valves and cylinders since 1989. You can contact us at 07 3344 4711, or visit our website at for your industrial needs and other enquiries.

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