Pressure Control Valve: Pneumatic Paint Spray Guns

To be realistic, painting with a brush or roller can be a tedious process. Unless you plan to employ a lot of workforce, and pay incredibly close attention to detail, it is more than likely that the paint finish will be less than perfect, and take up a lot of time. A better choice to achieve excellent paint finishes is to use a pneumatic paint spray gun with an air compressor. Also called HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) sprayers or compressed air sprayers, pneumatic paint spray guns use the air compressor to pump continuous compressed air through the gun’s pressure control valve system.

How a spray gun works

Pneumatic spray guns, properly adjusted and operated, will produce smooth and consistent paint surface finishes that cannot be achieved with brushes and rollers. Paint spray guns convert paint fluid into thousands of tiny, atomised droplets. The guns have specific components that work in unison for this to happen. 

HVLP guns come in siphon and gravity feed forms and are designed to utilise low air pressure to squirt out a relatively large paint volume. HVLPs are a favourite tool with many professional spray painters because of their higher paint transfer ratio on any surface.

A reservoir cup or can on top of the gun holds the paint for gravity guns, usually around a pint. Siphon guns have reservoirs that hold as much as a quart of paint. The air cap inside is the part that does most of the work. It has precision-drilled holes that are carefully placed to produce a good atomised pattern on the surface to be painted. Air entering these holes not only atomises the paint but also creates the shape of the paint fan.


Naturally, pneumatic paint spray guns cost more than ordinary paintbrushes and rollers. But this is understandable considering that there is nothing “ordinary” about spray guns and that they give better, smoother, and more consistent paint finishes than any manual method. However, HVLP spray guns are much more affordable than expensive airless kit guns. Airless guns deliver massive amounts of paint pressure and are suitable for industrial jobs such as painting outside silo walls or large factory walls. However, for spray painting vehicle bodies, furniture, or home interiors, HVLP spray guns offer better control, especially for corners, nooks, and crannies.

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