The Importance of Pressure Control Valve for Industries

pressure control valve

At least one pressure control valve is found in virtually every type of hydraulic system. These valves can help in a variety of functions, such as keeping the system pressure safely below a desired upper limit as well as maintaining a set pressure as part of a circuit.

Why do we need a pressure control valve?

All types of pressure control valves control or switches at a predetermined pressure setting. The switching pressure is usually a variable setting inside the valve itself. A change in position of the pressure control valve – open or closed – happens either gradually by automatic control or suddenly by a switch. Shut-off pressure valves and pressure sequence valves are hydraulic valves with a fixed throttle. Relief and reducing valves are hydraulic valves with a throttle and a variable.

Common types of pressure control valves

The most common types of pressure control valves are the pressure reducing valve and the pressure relief valve. Pressure relief valves control the pressure of any system by relieving part, or all, of the flowing liquid. Pressure reducing valves bring down the pressure supplied to a sub-system of a hydraulic system. Another type, the sequence valve, is used to direct the flow to a secondary circuit. Another type, the unloading valve, is used to direct flow to tanks at a pre-set system pressure.

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