Pressure Control Valve for Lube Oil Systems

pressure control valve

In oil lubrication or lube oil systems, the pressure control valve in the pressure relief system is essential to control the oil flow to the bearing chambers. 

What is a Lube Oil System?

The lube oil system or oil lubrication system is crucial because it provides lubrication and cooling for all splines, bearings, and gears. Said system is essential in all turbomachinery packages for heavy industrial machinery such as steam engines, gas turbines, and compressors. The lube system must also be capable of collecting foreign matter. Should even a little bit of this foreign matter (dirt, dust, grime, etc.) find its way into a bearing housing or gearbox, it will cause rapid failure of the whole machinery. 

Likewise, the oil and lubrication provided by the system must protect the lubricated components because said components are made of non-corrosion resistant materials. The oil must accomplish this task to avoid significant deterioration in the components.

The Pressure Relief Control Valve System

There are actually two basic circulatory systems for turbine lube systems. Aside from the pressure relief control valve system already mentioned, the other is the ‘full flow system.’ The primary difference is that the former controls the oil flow to the bearings and other essential gears.

The pressure control valve system controls the oil flow to the bearing chambers by limiting the pressure in the feed line to a given design value. This is done using a spring-loaded valve, also called the pressure control valve. It also allows oil to be directly returned from the pressure pump outlet to the oil tank, or pressure pump inlet. The valve opens at a pressure that corresponds to the idling speed of the engine. This gives a constant feed pressure over regular engine operating speeds.

Naturally, when the engine speed increases (normal in heavy industry machines), it will cause the bearing chamber pressure to rise sharply. This will reduce the pressure difference between the bearing chamber and feed jet, resulting in decreased oil flow rate to the bearings. To alleviate this problem, the pressure relief control valve system uses the increasing bearing chamber pressure to augment the relief valve spring load.

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