Pressure Control Valve: Clever and Unique Uses for Air Compressors

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Air compressors are used to convert normal air into denser and high-pressure air for different uses. These machines are found in a wide range of environments. The most common you often see are the uses in the professional and industrial sectors such as tire inflation at petrol stations, compressed air tools, airbrushing or spray painting, and jackhammers. Other uses you don’t see are the pressure control valve systems in air-conditioning or compressors in refrigerators.

But there are other clever and unique uses for air compressors that you probably haven’t heard of such as:

  • Agricultural uses such as crop spraying, transporting grain and feeds to silos, and ventilating greenhouses that are essential for farmers.
  • Paintball guns use connected air canisters that use compressed air to fire paintballs. This same power is used for air guns.
  • Scuba diving use compressed air in those tanks divers carry on their backs. 
  • Fountains now use modern air compressors to control the precise release of water in fountains and timed water displays.
  • Quick drying systems with air compressors are used in homes and workshops. They are used to dry off or blow away any leftover spilled liquids or from cleaning jobs. It can also be used to fast-dry paint jobs.
  • Fast clean-up can be done by air compressors by blowing dust, sawdust, or even water out of a certain area. It is also used to quickly blow out and clean in hard-to-reach areas such as small crevices in rooms. It can also clean out dust, crumbs, and debris from electronics such as desktops and keyboards. 
  • Inflating anything at home or work. While air compressors are commonly used to inflate motor vehicle tyres, they can also be used to inflate bike tyres, balloons, balls, and air mattresses.
  • Weeding can now be done using air compressors. Ground materials like fruit pits or walnut shells are pushed at high speeds by the compressors and the small particles strip or kill the weeds.
  • Sanding using air compressors are used by mechanics and woodworkers for sanding workpieces, especially if big surfaces are concerned. Airblast sanding is the best way to sand and always gives a satisfactory smooth finish if done the right way.

MasterMac 2000

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