Where Can Pressure Control Valve Be Applied To?

pressure control valve

What are the main uses of pressure control valve?

Pressure control valves are usually found in every virtual hydraulic system, and they help in a variety of functions, from maintaining system pressures safely below a desired upper limit to keeping a set weight in part of a circuit. Types include relief, reducing, sequence, counterbalance, and unloading. These are usually closed valves, except for cutting valves, which are typically open. For most of these valves, a restriction is necessary to produce the required pressure control. One difference is the externally piloted unloading valve, which depends on an external signal for its actuation.

Every pressure control valve switches (or controls) at a predetermined pressure setting. The switching force is a variable setting on the valve itself. A difference in position of the pressure control valve (i.e. open or closed) happens either continuously (by control) or suddenly (by switch). Pressure shut-off valves and pressure flow valves are hydraulic valves with a set throttle whereas relief and reducing valves are hydraulic valves with a variable throttle. Pressure control valve is hydraulic valves that regularly (control) or abruptly (switch) change in position. Pressure control valve is mainly applied to:

  1.       Limit the maximum system weight at a safe level.
  2.       Regulating/decreasing pressure in individual portions of the circuit.
  3.       Unloading system pressure.
  4.       Assisting sequential operation of actuators in a circuit with pressure control.
  5.       Any other pressure-related function under pressure control.
  6.       Reducing or stepping down pressure levels from the first circuit to lower pressure in a sub-circuit.
  7.      To operate within a preset pressure range

In other instances, equipment must be preserved against being subjected to an internal vacuum that is lower than the material can withstand. In such cases, pressure control valve is used to open at a predetermined low-pressure limit and to allow air or an inert gas into the equipment so as for control the amount of vacuum.

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