Pressure Control Valve: All About Air Hoists

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Air hoists are similar to an electric hoist, except the hoist is powered by an air compressor to remove those restrictions that are required when using an electric power supply. The compressed air that powers the hoist allows for weightless vertical movement or floating functionality. An air hoist is like a large pressure control valve but is much lighter than an electric hoist and much more portable. Air hoists are designed for low maintenance and are almost impervious to dirt, dust, heat, and humidity. However, air hosts can be quite noisy to operate.

How do air hosts work?

Air hosts use air pressure to provide the force necessary to lift a load. The constant output and intake of air allow the pneumatic system to operate without overheating for extended periods of use. However, the speed of the air hoist lift is much slower compared to electric hoists. This is regardless of whether the upward movement uses a chain or rope attached to the pulley system. But this can be useful if a careful lift pace or object stability is more tenuous. 

Advantages of using air hosts

  • The most significant overall advantage factor is safety. Air hosts are less likely to cause electrical sparks or friction that can generate enough energy to ignite certain gases in dangerous work environments. This is most particularly in the oil and gas industry, the mining industry, or any industry with an abundance of flammable gases or paint fumes.
  • Air hosts are portable enough for remote work areas without the need for battery charging or long electrical cords.
  • Electric hoists for outdoor use will have issues with weatherproofing to resist dust and moisture. No such problems exist with air hoists. The air compressor just blows out any contaminants like dust and moisture, and there is no compromise to functionality.
  • Air hoists can be used safely in environments that need to be fully clean, such as in the food industry.
  • Air hosts are lighter compared to electric hoists. This factor does not compromise any operational strength since the lift can handle up to 40 tonnes.    

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