Pneumatic Valves: What is Pneumatic Transmission?

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Pneumatic transmission is the transfer of power for gas or fluid pressure through compressed air as the working medium. The system of transferring power is simply transferring compressed air through the pipe and pneumatic valves or pressure control valves to the pneumatic actuator. This transferal action transforms the pressure of the compressed air into mechanical energy.

The pneumatic control system is also a type of pneumatic transmission that uses compressed air to transmit controlled jet element functions rather than mechanical energy.

Characteristics of pneumatic transmission

  • Low working pressure and air pressure viscosity is small.
  • Even if there is a small loss of air pressure in the pipe, this will not affect middle distance transportation.
  • Safe to use.
  • Will not cause an explosion and shock hazard.
  • Ability to have overload protection.
  • If the air pressure drops, the air supply is simply increased.

Composition of pneumatic transmission

All pneumatic transmissions consist of the air source, pneumatic actuator, pneumatic valve, and pneumatic auxiliary. The air source is usually supplied by compressors. The pneumatic actuator converts the pressurised compressed air into mechanical energy that is used to drive the working parts like the pneumatic motor and cylinder. The pneumatic valve is used to adjust the direction, pressure, and flow of the pressurised air. This is divided by the directional control valve, pressure control valve, and flow control valve.

Pneumatic transmissions have their share of pneumatic accessories such as an air purifier, air lubricator, noise mufflers, and pipe joints. Some transmissions also have aerodynamic sensors that are used to sense and transmit pressure information in a pneumatic transmission.

The advantages of using pneumatic transmission

  • Pneumatic transmissions use only air as the convenient, inexhaustible medium. Any excess air is directly discharged after use and does not pollute the environment. Excess air does not blow back into the pipeline.
  • There is small air viscosity and small flow energy dissipation. It is suitable even when using a centralised air pressure supply and for long-distance transportation.
  • It is safe and reliable and will not cause any fire or explosions. It can work even in extreme environments with high temperatures, radiation, humidity, and dust.
  • Pneumatic transmissions move quickly since the structure of their components is simple. 
  • It is proven to have a long service life, easy to maintain, and the pipeline will not clog. This type of transmission does not have metamorphic replacement problems.

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