Pneumatic Valves: The Value and Uses of Pneumatic Timers

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Pneumatic timers are industrial components used in industrial fields wherein an electrical spark caused by an electric current can be dangerous and destructive. They are commonly used in the oil and gas industry where flammable substances are all around the facilities. A single, tiny, electric spark could cause a fire of dramatic proportions. Thus, pneumatic timers are powered by pneumatic valves that use compressed or pressurised air. You can find pneumatic timers in almost all industries that have a high risk of fire.

Components of a pneumatic timer

Pneumatic timers utilise a piston and pneumatic valve that is powered by a consistent compressed air supply that moves the piston back and forth within the chamber. The whole device comprises a timing disk, filter, diaphragm solenoid coil, operating spring, and the primary solenoid coil. When powered, the solenoid core inside the pneumatic timer travels into the coil, causing pressure to be applied to the diaphragm.

The trapped air is then expelled through the needle valve timing disk. Any caused delay is dependent on the needle valve, and the amount of delay can be adjusted by altering the valve. Inert gases can also be used in place of compressed air. However, the use of inert gases will depend on the industry and area where it is being used. For most industries, the danger of the presence of fire may negate the use of inert gases.

Pneumatic controls

The pistons are an essential component of pneumatic timers. They function by controlling the speed of air inside the valve. The valve at the end of the chamber prevents air from leaving the timer too quickly. This allows the precision of time to be set. With this, controllers can control or dictate how much time will pass before the piston opens a chamber. With a dial, operators can control how far the valve opens when the time is functional. With this kind of precision, industrial facilities can have complete timing precision without using any electrical timing component that could prove a fire hazard due to an electrical current.

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