Pneumatic Valves: Industries that Use Pneumatic Applications

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The word pneumatics is derived from the Greek word, “Pneuma,” meaning air or wind. Pneumatic systems use air or gas as the medium because air can be sufficiently exhausted into the atmosphere after completing its assigned task. Compressed air is used to transmit energy. Hydraulic systems using pneumatic valves or systems are being used extensively in many industries and industrial processes. 

Applications of pneumatic systems in industries:

Agricultural machinery and farm equipment

Agricultural and farm machines use single-acting pneumatic seals on crop harvesting, drainage, bailing, and threshing. The use of pneumatic seals not only improves machine speed and performance, but also protects the machines that face daily exposure to UV and extreme weather conditions.

Automobile manufacturers

Most vehicle assembly lines use pneumatic rams on assembly jigs. Major manufacturers prefer pneumatic systems as they are more efficient, cleaner, quieter, and require less maintenance. It also has no leakage to contaminate its surroundings. 

Coal mining

Pneumatic systems are used extensively in mining and roof support machinery. In the mining industry, safety is of the highest essential, and the use of pneumatic systems provides high performance and minimum maintenance. High-pressure pneumatics are also used for underground seals and wipers.

Concrete pumping

Concrete pump systems use pneumatic rams that require specialised sealing. This is used to operate the concrete pumping plungers and rams on the boom. Pneumatic systems are preferred because of their efficiency since concrete is heavy, viscous, abrasive, and solidifies if not kept moving. Dangerous blockages can occur if the pump is not kept working.

Excavators and earth-movers

High-performance pneumatic seal kits are required for heavy earthmoving machines, backhoe loaders, bulldozers, and excavators. The construction and mining industries are the heaviest users of high-performance seals for these heavy machines.

Textile manufacturers

Pneumatic shaft seals, mechanical seals, and spring energised Teflon seals are commonly used on textile machinery. A super seal in high-performance polymers is needed to cope with the compact spinning, high pressure, and constant rotation of the air rams. 

Cheese manufacturers

Pneumatic guide rings, wipers, and spring energised seals are used in manufacturing and packaging machines in the cheese industry. High-pressure nitrite rubber and Teflon materials are used to support the pneumatic systems in the machines.

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