Pneumatic Valves: How Does a Pneumatic Impact Wrench Work?

mechanic using pneumatic wrench to fix tire
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An impact wrench is a tool that is used when no other hand wrench will work. Sometimes a lug nut, screw, or fastener has been wound too tightly, the head has been stripped of its grip, has become frozen or too rusted. An impact wrench brings additional force and grip to turn the lug or screw so it can be removed. While there is an electric impact wrench, the most common type being used is the air impact wrench or pneumatic impact wrench powered by compressed air through pneumatic valves.

How does an impact wrench work?

Impact wrenches give out a high rotational torque with an internal hammering that transfers kinetic energy to the output shaft. Of course, the high output torque needs to be adjusted to the correct level so the energy output is accurately delivered to the lug, nut, or screw. 

The detailed working process includes:

  • Forcing the airflow

The airflow is powered by the adapter and the air is forced through two holes in the base. Both holes are positioned for the forward or reverse operation.

  • Rotor spinning

The airflow is directed through a hole in the backplate, which in turn directs the air so it can touch the rotor blades and rotor cylinder. This will then spin the main rotor.

  • The hammer

The edge of the rotor cylinder comes with a spline that pushes the hammer cage and hammer to rotate with the whole rotor. It is this rotating hammer which unscrews (or screws) any nut, lug, screw, or bolt. 

Pneumatic wrenches

Compressed air-powered impact wrenches provide the most torque power compared to electrically powered ones. More professionals in shops and assembly lines use pneumatic wrenches as the preferred type. This is because they are easier to use and weigh far less.

Since pneumatic wrenches only need an air compressor, these are fairly inexpensive and with no electrical components, the odds of having a malfunction are thus, almost zero. And the biggest advantage of pneumatic wrenches is that they will not overheat.

Any heat generated is within the rotating elements, but this heat is quickly dissipated because of the compressed and pressurised air. You’ll find more pneumatic wrenches in manufacturing plants and assembly lines since they can be worked for long hours without overheating.

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