Pneumatic Valves: Facts About the Different Types of Actuators

pneumatic valvesA valve is a tool that stabilises and manages a piping mechanism. The primary part, and one of the most crucial devices in a valve system, is called an actuator. Actuators are a kind of engine that operates by moving and controlling the entire machinery of the valve unit, and it’s the starting point of the whole mechanism. It can be run through four types of valve power: hydraulic, electric, mechanical, and actuators used in pneumatic valves.

Actuators in a hydraulic system are powered by water pressure. Two types of hydraulics are widely used in machines today – the hydrostatics and hydrodynamics. In hydrostatic, or isostatic structure, high pressure is produced by the fluid at a low speed, while the hydrodynamic system creates low pressure through a high-speed fluid.

Electric linear actuators, on the other hand, are DC engines. With the use of electric actuators, the rotational movement of DC motors is converted into linear motion. This linear actuator is run by electrical power, and doesn’t need a compressor or pump to function.

The third type of actuators is powered by mechanical power. One of the noticeable advantages of using electromechanical actuator is that the movement is more accurate, and it controls the motion precisely compared to hydraulics.

For a pneumatic valve unit, a pneumatic actuator converts energy from air pressure. Few of the many reasons why pneumatic valves are most frequently used in manufacturing facilities is because it’s more reliable than other units. The cost of compressed air may be expensive, but pneumatics is more durable and requires only low maintenance, which is more economical in the long run. Finally, pneumatic valves operate in a less complicated manner.

According to some manufacturers, the pneumatic system is a preferable gear than other units when it comes to endurance,  strength, and accuracy. Best of all, the resource used is eco-friendly – no threat for possible leakage and therefore accidents are reduced.

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