Pneumatic Valves: Buffers vs Polishers

worker using pneumatic polisher
Whether you choose buffers or polishers, make sure you get your pneumatic valves at MasterMac 2000.

For anyone new to vehicle detailing, the terms buffer and polisher might be confusing. This can be even more so if you need to purchase pneumatic valves for either one. This comes from the common mass notion that buffing and polishing are both the same with the aim of improving a car’s surface. So, what’s the difference between a buffer and a polisher?

What is a buffer?

The word “buffer” comes from the action of “buffing.” The buffer tool uses a loose abrasive to remove minor setbacks on a car’s surface like small scratches. A buffer helps cover up these marks for good and maintain the flawless smooth surface of the car for a long time.

The device contains a “wheel” at the bottom that deals with the loose abrasive. The abrasive is first applied to the car’s surface. The buffer is then used to spread it out evenly. Doing this will take care of the superficial imperfections and make the surface as smooth as new. This process of buffing relies mainly on maintaining the correct levels of acid and base. Caustic soda is the wide and popular choice to control the reaction and other associated pH levels.

What is a polisher?

Polishing is the technique of glossing up a car but requires the abrasive to be secured first on the “wheel.” Since the abrasive is now fixed, the resulting finish may turn out somewhat aggressive. Unlike the old “spray and polish” tools back in the 20th Century, modern polishers are more efficient and carry more power. 

Modern polishers contain four major parts: Motor, spindle, pad, and backing plate. An electric or pneumatic motor runs the rotating spindle connected to it. The plate is usually flexible and made of rubber or plastic. It makes sure that the pad is held correctly.

The benefits of buffers

  • Buffers restore a car’s shine and remove scratches and oxidation.
  • Buffing may be a slow process, but the outcome is a car that is tremendously clean and shiny.
  • Buffer cleaning doesn’t need to be done regularly. It can be done on an annual basis.

The benefits of polishers

  • Polishers help restore a car’s original shine.
  • After compounding, it leaves a spectacular shine.
  • The polishing process is not stressful because no matter how much pressure you put, the result is just as mind-blowing.
  • It saves you money.

Master Mac 2000

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