Brands of Pneumatic Valves Distributed by Master Mac 2000

When Master Mac 2000 was founded in 1989, it has been distributing pneumatic valves, air rams, and other pressure control valve and flow control valve parts and components from some of the world’s top quality brands. These leading global brands give Master Mac 2000 the edge as one of Australia’s top distributors of pneumatic valves and cylinders.

Mack Valves Pty Ltd.

Mack Valves is an Australian company since it was established in 1939. It is a leading provider of unique flow control solutions for global companies involved in water management, cryogenic, industrial steam, and mining. As an Australian manufacturer, its main facility is in Melbourne, with another facility in Pune, India. Mack valves are being used worldwide for aerospace, healthcare, chemical, energy, food and beverage, industrial gas, and alternative fuel industries. The fact that the company started by designing and manufacturing safety valves for the Royal Australian Navy, and has been doing so for 50 years, says a lot about Mack Valves. Master Mac 2000 is the sole authorised distributor of Mack Valves in Australia.

Univer-Group Industrial Automation

Univer started in industrial automation in the 1970s with the manufacturing of its first series of poppet valves and pneumatic valves for vacuum cleaners. As the decades rolled by, technological advances and creating original pneumatic components has seen the company’s continuous growth and development of Univer. It has become one of the top Italian companies involved in industrial equipment.


In 1951, Piab’s founder, Sven Tell, and his love for the mathematical formula ‘pi’ led to the invention of the unique drawing compass. Thus, the company name formed from “Pi” and “AB” (Swedish word for Incorporated). By 1968, Sven’s son, Peter Tell, founded Piab’s vacuum division that formed the basis for today’s company. By the 1970s, Piab was creating and manufacturing valves and cylinders not only for vacuums but for other industries as well. By 2006, Piab was also creating handling, robotic, and gripping automation solutions.


Established in 1954, Tolomatic has been known to manufacture quality innovative automation components. This started with gearboxes and brakes and now to pneumatic actuators and complete electrical linear motion systems. Tolomatic’s reputation for innovation has been stable for over 65 years. The company has even expanded to non-catalogued applications with bottle capping, packaging, material handling, and robotic resistance spot welding. 

American Valve

Since its founding in 1901, American Valve has always been committed to quality in the designing and manufacturing of reliable plumbing, heating, and industrial flow control products. For more than 100 years, the American brand has specialised in high-standard lead-free plumbing valves, brass valves, flanged ball valves, thermoplastic valves, and flexible connectors.      

Master Mac 2000

When it comes to pneumatic valves and other flow control valves and cylinders, Master Mac 2000 is one of the leading providers of high-quality brands. Since 1989, the company has become one of Australia’s largest privately-owned valves and cylinders distributors. For your industrial needs, give us a call at 07 3344 4711. For enquiries, visit

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