Pneumatic Valves: Pneumatic Valve Actuators Automation

pneumatic valvesPneumatic valves are utilised to do specific things in a pneumatic system, such as controlling the flow rate, pressure, and the amount and direction of air as it moves through an air system at a particular point in time.

Using pneumatic actuators for automating control valves is common and only needs the option and installation of various kinds of valves to activate a fully operational system. When selecting the components for pneumatic valve automation, it does not matter whether the actuator is linear, quarter-turn, or half turn. An essential factor to note is whether the valve is to have a corresponding open and closed control instead of open and closed positions. To deal with various operating modes, keep in mind that different types of control can be integrated inside the actuator automation circuit. This is to mitigate the supply pressure if in case it fails. And other components are considered, too, to give the valve the capability of failsafe redundancy.

Common Components Used for Pneumatic Valve Automation

Filter Regulator – The regulator controls the accuracy and speed of airflow, and the filter refines the air. Hence, the filter regulator purifies the compressed air by separating solid particles (dirt, dust, or rust) and liquids (oil or water) as it passes through the airline filter.

Air Volume Booster – The volume booster relays a low flow signal with a higher regulated flow volume. Unregulated input pressure is used to maintain a controlled output pressure under flowing and non-flowing conditions. 

Lock-Up Valve – This valve is used to cut off the signal pressure line of air actuators. If in case the supply of air falls below or fails, the lock-up valve will shut the line off.

Quick Exhaust Valve – each port of the cylinder utilises this valve to make sure that the cycling speed of the rod in both directions increases.

Back Pressure Regulator – this valve is sometimes confused with a pressure relief valve. Although both valves technically function as a safety device that controls the level of pressure, the back pressure regulator has an additional purpose. This valve is a constantly moving application. It has pressure sensors that act accordingly, making it a vital functioning part of the pneumatic system.

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