Pneumatic Tools Can Also be Actuators, Grippers & Fittings

pneumatic toolsWhat are pneumatic tools?

 Pneumatic tools are a variety of large or hand tools powered by compressed air. Common types of these compressed air – or in some cases, C02 capsule – hand tools in various industries include drills, grinders, stapling guns, nail guns, and buffers. Larger tools include jackhammers, chipping hammers, riveting guns, and wrench actuators.

How do pneumatic tools work?

All pneumatic tools work by air pressure, although a few tools use capsulised C02 in place of compressed air. The air pressure is what causes the power that drives the tool. An air compressor provides the necessary air pressure and said compressor has a gas-powered pumping mechanism that always drives air into a steel container tank until the air becomes pressurised.

Pneumatic air hose

The pneumatic tool is connected or attached to a hose that is attached to the tank through an air valve. The air from the air compressor is always at constant pressure. Its release valve is only activated or opened when the air hose is connected to the pneumatic tool. Once connected, the tool opens the valve when it activates, and pressurised air escapes under great force into the hose.

Firing trigger

Every pneumatic tool, no matter what type, has its firing trigger or release valve. Like a real firearm, the trigger or valve also has a “safety” switch. When the trigger is pressed, the firing “pin” opens a valve inside the pneumatic tool, and pressurised air flows through the tool. The compressed air can then do anything from turning a crank, operate an engine that runs gears or shoots a nail through a barrel at high velocity.

Other pneumatic tools are actuators, grippers, and fittings. They are not tools in a sense, but they still utilise pressurised air to operate in its automated capacity.

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