The Applications of Pneumatic Tools and Their Different Types

pneumatic tools

Cheaper alternative than electrical power tools, compressed air-powered pneumatic tools are safer now that they’ve become popular in do-it-yourself projects, out of what they were usually being utilised which is in the industrial field. When we hear pneumatic tools, what comes to mind are working men drilling holes in the road. Jackhammers may be the most familiar example of pneumatic tools, however, there are more ones that can be powered by compressor-supplied air of which we’ll be tackling later.

Pneumatic tools can be utilised in easily carrying out basic repairs and mechanics on your vehicles as they speed up processes of polishing, painting, inflating tyres, grinding and cutting. It always depends on which purpose you want from a pneumatic tool of which can then be determined by the size of the compressor as can be measured in standard cubic feet per minute.

And with the ability that the air tools possess, that even though they already contained so much power, they do not tend to overheat which made them more impressive compared to electric tools. Not only that, pneumatic tools perform smoother causing less fatigue and strain on the hands when during and after work.

What are the different types of pneumatic tools?


Can be used for both boring and fastening, pneumatic drill tool can be assembled by attaching an electric power drill to an air compressor hose. Such tool resembles the electric pistol-grip drill of which rather uses compressed air than an electric motor to make a rotating motion.


Typically used in cutting, grinding, or polishing materials, pneumatic grinders employs rotary force on a disc. It can be held with two hands but depends on what type the spinning disc is and the brush attached to its end.

Nail Guns

May it be building walls, fastening shingles, woodworks and cabinetry, pneumatic nail guns can do the job. Its uses can come from attaching sheathings to building concrete forms.

Paint Sprayer

For quick paint coating of a large area, you can lean on with pneumatic paint sprayers. By combining paint and compressed air, your painting job can be instantly done. Attach adjustable nozzles to manipulate the rate or the shape of the paint spray as desired.

Pounding Tools

Best used on hard surfaces such as stone and concrete, pneumatic pounding tools effortlessly chip and pound any solid surface. A larger variety of this type of tool is used in massive works such as in trenching, demolition, and digging.


This type of pneumatic tools features a plane bottom where sandpaper can be attached and is operated by switching it on or off. Pneumatic sanders create a forward-backward motion which runs the abrasive paper on the surfaces.

Screw Guns

With pneumatic screw guns, workers are solved by doing the holding of each screw before fastening it to surfaces. All of the screwing jobs can just be done by the pull of the trigger.


Used in auto repair and building applications, pneumatic wrenches spin sockets with its rotary force. They can also feature torque adjustments for precise implementation.

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