The Best Air Tool Brands in 2018

air rams

If you are looking for something to add to your toolbox, you should consider adding air tools. These tools are helpful and useful in different situations. Top air tool brands such as air rams, valves, and other pneumatic tools offer convenient storage, usability, and long-lasting durability.

Here are the best air tool brands you can use:

EXELAIR by Milton

The EX5005KIT accessory kit is designed for a one-buy solution for problems with machinery, masonry, and many more. The kit includes the popular Milton ½” impact wrench, ¼” air die grinder, ⅜” air ratchet, and a blow gun. It also comes with replaceable sockets, bits, storage cases, and adapters. You will also get a handy tire gauge for a full use of the kit. This kit will effectively help professionals who have a huge need for air tools. The product is quite expensive but it does the work quickly and effectively.

Ingersoll Rand Air Hammer 114GQC

This tool is shaped like a handgun compared to a conventional power tool, which makes it easier to hold and control. Air hammers are more powerful than they look that is why it is considered top of the line. The barrel is made up of a high-durability alloy to withstand the powerful pressure of an air hammer. There is an exhaust port located in the handle that allows the whole unit to diffuse and the ergonomic grip reduces the recoil. In case you want to grind a tough barrier, the air hammer has a chisel set to turn the barrier into dust.

Campbell Hausfeld TL1402000AV

This is an air compact wrench that provides a high-torque solution to a persistent machinery. With this, you can easily pull off the nuts of lawn mowers, brakes, and hubcaps. Like the Ingersoll Rand air hammer, it is designed to resemble a handgun for convenient and long-term use.

Astro 1822 ½” Nano Compact Wrench

Forget the idea that tough jobs require large tools as the Astro Nano Compact Wrench comes with a 450 ft/lbs of torque and a 3-pound body. This wrench has three forward and three reverse settings for useful versatility and the double hammer design provides a fast and easy work.

Air tools are very special as they utilise compressed air to finish work faster compared to using normal hand tools. The secret to an air tool’s exceptional performance is the compressed air whether it’s a rotary hammer, impact wrench, air rams, or an air hammer. That’s why top air tool brands focus on optimising the use of each tool to improve work with less effort.

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