The Applications of the Pneumatic Valves Called Microvalves

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Microvalves are small pneumatic valves that have particularly small components that are used in the field of microfluidics and fluidics to control fluids and gases. They are generally used for regulating or shutting off the flow fluids or gasses. For this to happen, a closure element like a disc, ball, or cone, is moved almost parallel to the flow direction of the fluid. By pressing the entire closure element onto the appropriate opening, the air or liquid flow is either discontinued or reduced. 

The outer dimensions of microvalves are usually less than 10mm. Because of their minimal size, these valves are proportionately light and are very well suited for portable or mobile applications. Microvalves can also be integrated exceptionally well into higher-level systems. Aside from the common microvalves like check valves that are passive, there are also active microvalves that are electrically controlled. Electromagnetic drives are usually used for electrically controlled microvalves to make it fast. 

How do microvalves work?

Microvalves are generally inexpensive like solenoid valves. Microvalves are divided into:

  • Pure switching valves – Also called two-way microvalves, they only open and close a single fluid channel completely. 
  • Proper proportional valves – Also called micro-proportional valves, they open and close a fluid channel partially and therefore can precisely meter a fluid or gas. 

Fast-switching and long-life microvalves are capable of switching below one millisecond. They can be used for quasi-proportional control and replace real proportional valves. The service life requirements for the applications of microvalves are well over 1 billion operations.

Where are microvalves usually found?

Microvalves are generally used in many different areas and are an integral part of any human’s daily life. These miniaturised valves are frequently installed in places where people would never expect them. Some examples include:

  • Pilot valves for microvalve pneumatics and microvalve fluidics.
  • Inkjet printers with microvalve pressure jets.
  • Cold gas propulsion with microvalve cold gas and vacuums.
  • Petrol injection and microvalve engine control.
  • In-vitro diagnostics for microvalve fluid and microvalve gas.
  • Fuel cells with microvalve hydrogen and natural gas.
  • For flow control with microvalve flow regulator and control technology.
  • Vacuum grippers with microvalve gripper arms and robotics.
  • Pressure regulators for microvalve air and water.

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