Pneumatic Valves by Mack, Distributed by Master Mac 2000

pneumatic valvesWhen it comes to pneumatic valves manufactured by Mack Valves, Master Mac 2000 is the sole authorised distributor in Queensland and New South Wales. The distribution also comes withtechnical support for any industrial job, whether big or small.

Australian Company

Mack Valves is a purely Australian company established in 1939. In its 80 years, it has become the leading provider of unique flow solutions for various industry sectors such as mining, water management, industrial/steam, cryogenic, etc. Its main manufacturing facility is located in Melbourne, Victoria.

The trained and highly professional engineering team of Mack Valves only use the highest technology to produce products that are designed, manufactured, and tested to the highest level of product certifications and quality standards globally.

Mack Valves Have a Proven Track Record

Mack Valves have found their way all over the world in various industries such as alternative fuel, industrial gas, food and beverage, energy, chemical, health care, and aerospace. Today, Mack Valves attempts to meet every broad requirement such as specific valves for core applications or other unique solutions.

When Mack Valves started in 1939, it was the designer and manufacturer of safety valves for the Australian Navy. Other major industries in the storied history of Mack includes:

  • Developing large control valves for the original Snowy Hydro project.
  • Designed and manufactured local safety valves for critical safety facilities all over Australia.
  • Developed flow control products for the steam industry with Australian Design Standards.

Master Mac 2000

In the continuation of the Mack success story, Master Mac 2000 has helped in its success by being the sole authorised agent of valves in Australia. Also, exclusively Australian, Master Mac 2000 P/L was established in 1989 and is now one of the country’s largest privately-owned distributors of pneumatic valves and tools. Master Mac will always have a solution for all your needs for any industry. Visit their website at for more details.

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