How to Select the Right Pneumatic Valves

engineer checking on a pneumatic valve
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Any pneumatic system uses compressed air to power anything. This is why you can find pneumatic valves in a wide range of industrial applications. With almost all pneumatic systems, you will always find a pneumatic valve of a specific type. 

Pneumatic valves are responsible for controlling the compressed air, the rate of this air, and the pressure of the air that goes through the pneumatic system. While there is a numerous variety of pneumatic valves available for every industrial application, the two main purposes for a pneumatic valve are either to change the direction of the airflow or to completely stop the airflow. 

Method of valve actuation 

Choosing the right type of pneumatic valve will depend on the application it is needed for. For instance, with valve actuation, this is how a valve is open or closed. The most common of this type is the solenoid pneumatic valve, controlled by an electric current. But you can also find manually operated pneumatic valves that can be controlled with a lever, foot pedal, and a push button. There are also remote air-operated schematic valves. 

Valve configuration 

  • 2-way valve – A valve with one outlet and one inlet port.  
  • 3-way valve – Aside from the two-way inlet/outlet ports, there is an additional port for the exhaust if the inlet port is blocked.  
  • 4-way valve – This valve has a second outlet and a second exhaust in addition to the outlet/inlet. This type of valve is used to control double acting pneumatic actuators. 

Valve size 

Commonly referred to as the flow capacity, valve size is important because it cannot be too large or too small. Either defect will create waste in the system. Knowing the exact or estimated maximum load capacity that the application will experience to select the best valve size to handle the system efficiently. 

All pneumatic valves on the market have a flow capacity. You only need to make sure that the valve you choose will be able to take the specific volume within a certain time based on the application. 

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Although this can act as a guide to help you choose the right pneumatic valves for your specific application, you can ask for help from the distributor (such as MasterMac2000) while also assigning valve purchases to your head engineer. Whether you’re in the machinery, transportation, medical, or robotics control industries, MasterMac2000 can provide the high-quality pneumatic components that are needed. Call us now on 07 3344 4711 or visit

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