How to Maximise the Power of Air Rams

Air ramsAir rams are a type of pneumatic device that simulates the effects of an explosion. Commonly used by performers who step on a large “pedal”, and by using compressed air, the “pedal” is released sending the performer hurtling through the air. The precision and accuracy of an air ram or pneumatic device is a result of vital design consideration.

With its power, precision, and accuracy, it comes with a price. Knowing how are you able to maximise the life and performance of your pneumatic cylinders and air rams is essential. 

So how do you maximise the life and performance of your air ram and pneumatic cylinders?

Proper dimensioning

Pneumatic cylinders come in many types and unique versions. However, regardless of the specific kind, sizing an air cylinder for an application is essential. 

First, you need to start calculating the load. Second is knowing the force and stroke requirements, and the available air pressure. By doing so, you can readily determine the minimum piston diameter.

Depending on the application needed, you need to put in a large force margin necessary to ensure proper operation. Remember the larger your object is, the larger your air ram should be.

Flow considerations

Another thing to consider if you want to maximise the power of your air ram is air consumption. To do this, you need to consider the forces that require you to move a load at the specified pressure before you size the cylinder for motion requirements. 

When you calculate your flow considerations the right way, you can determine the correct size tubing, fittings, valves, filters, and other components in the system.

Online calculators

Calculating manually can sometimes result in error-prone calculations for forces, flows, and pressure drop. An OEM or designer must fine-tune a design for exacting performance or minimal costs to avoid accidents and overcompensation in the future. So, it is better to also consult with online calculators for faster and accurate calculations.

Speed and cushioning

One of the pros of online calculators is that they also consider the limits of pneumatic cylinders. It’s one thing to get a cylinder moving fast. It’s another thing to bring it to a stop without extreme impact loads that cause noise and vibration and may further damage the cylinder and the air ram itself.

So those were the things you need to consider if you want to maximise the power of your air rams or pneumatic cylinders. For high-quality pneumatic valves, cylinders and other engineering parts, contact us at MasterMac, and we’ll find the best parts for you.

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