How Pneumatic Control Systems Utilise a Flow Control Valve

flow control valveVarious industries from around the world make essential use of the hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Although these two systems may function similarly, they are used for different purposes. Non-compressible fluids are used for hydraulics, and pneumatics make use of compressed gases. The flow control valve – also known as a speed controller – are equipment specially designed for use in pneumatic and hydraulic systems. These valves are efficiently configured to fit the modifications in system pressure and temperature.

Flow Control Valves in Pneumatic Control Systems

The flow control valve and needle valves are used to decrease the actual flow rate in a particular section of a pneumatic circuit. Both of these valves reduce the actuator speed of the system. While a needle valve regulates the flow in two directions, the flow control valve, however, secures control in one direction. This is to allow the flow of the gas in the opposite direction.

There are two types of flow control valves: Meter-out Valve and Meter-in Valve.

  1. Meter-out Valve – this is the most commonly used type. The meter-out valve is utilised to control the exhaust flow that the actuator is releasing.
  2. Meter-in Valve – also known as the “reverse flow control valve”, this type, on the other hand, limits the flow to the actuator.

Considering the flow control requirements is the most vital factor to think about before selecting the type of flow control valve need for a specific system application. Master Mac 2000, in partnership with Univer Group, offers complimentary valves available for your pneumatic system needs.

The Utilisation of Flow Control Valves in Pneumatic Control Systems

The responsibility of a flow control valve is to control the flow in a single direction. While providing an appropriate path for the low energy system oil, the valve modulates the flow in one direction, making sure that the stream of high energy is aimed towards the actuator inlet.

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