Pressure Control Valve: How a Pneumatic Pressure Switch Works

pressure switches in the pipeline

A pneumatic pressure switch is a form of pressure control valve designed to monitor a process pressure and provide an output when a set pressure or setpoint is reached. The pneumatic pressure switch does its job by applying a process pressure to a piston or diaphragm to generate a force that is comparable to that of a pre-compressed range spring.

The pneumatic pressure switch is also used to detect the presence of fluid pressure. Many pneumatic pressure switches use a diaphragm as a sensing element. The sensing element’s movement is used to actuate one or more switch contacts to initiate a control action or trip up an alarm.

The operation of pneumatic switches

In principle, pneumatic pressure switches are essentially pressure control valves that can divert the flow of air into a selection of multiple options. Generally, there are two different situations to consider. 

First, if the switch is positioned in the first slot, the air is blocked going to the second slot. The action is reversed if the control is dialled in the opposite setting. If the pneumatic pressure switch is manually operated, the operator simply has to go back and forth between the two switches, depending on the need and situation at that moment.

Second, to a larger extent, an electrically powered pneumatic pressure switch automatically allows the switch itself or the operator to select between a broken or open circuit and a closed one. For instance, the selection allows the flow of air between two locations on selection.

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