How Pneumatic Air Sanders are Like Pneumatic Valves

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A pneumatic orbital air sander is a power tool used for sanding wood. It is commonly found in workshops and wood shops. They are easy to operate, and it takes little time to learn how a sander works. Pneumatic air sanders save you a lot of time when sanding wood, compared to sanding by hand. Technically, pneumatic sanders work with the same principle as pneumatic valves, by using air pressure.  

It’s all about the air pressure 

The consistency of a pneumatic air sander in the performance of its swirls and sanding is due to the balanced and sufficient air pressure coming from the compressor. The air pressure is essential so the air sander can reach the ideal rotations per minute (RPM) needed, usually not less than 90 PSI to achieve 12,000 RPM. Anything less than this will not achieve a good sanding finish, and may even leave ugly sanding marks.

How do pneumatic air sanders work?

Pneumatic orbital air sanders work by elliptically rotating a sanding disk. The sander allows the sanding disk to travel over the same section only once, which means you are always left with a smooth and even finish with no circular swirl marks.

Whatever the wood grain’s direction, the air sander will smoothen the surface without leaving marks. But, while air sanders are ideal for sanding wood surfaces to create a smooth façade, the sander should never be used between paint layers or after the finish has been added.

Pneumatic air sanders are far lighter than their electric sander counterparts. This is because pneumatic sanders have no motor inside. However, air sanders need an air compressor to work. And because they have no motor, air sanders are very quiet. However, air compressor machines can create some noise. 

The wonders of orbital air sanders and other power tools that use air pressure are all due to the pneumatic valves and other pneumatic components inside the tools that use fewer motors and parts. The only seeming drawback to such tools is that they all need to have an air compressor, or else the tools will not function. 

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