Flow Control Valve: What is a Quick Exhaust Valve?

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A quick exhaust valve is a flow control valve that provides a rapid exhaust of controlled air when placed directly with an air cylinder after the control valve. Quick exhaust valves are often used with certain mechanical parts to make the reaction time of certain parts faster. The valves exhaust their air into the atmosphere rather than through another valve. These are common in engineering and plumbing applications.

Inside air cylinders

Quick exhaust valves increase the speed cycle on air cylinders, whether single or double-acting. When the valve shifts, compressed air moves from the valve to the cylinder. The air then moves from the cylinder to the atmosphere. The quick exhaust valve, installed in the cylinder’s ports, comes with mufflers to dampen outward sound. 

Inside clutches and brakes

When brake pedals are applied and clutches are shifted, quick exhaust valves provide a quick response. When used together with an actuator, these types of valves relieve the pressure forces when brakes are applied and send the compressed air into the atmosphere rather than through a valve. The valve assembly and actuator are protected from extreme temperature through a heat barrier plate.

As a plain shuttle valve

Quick exhaust valves can also be used as shuttle valves or flow control valves to obtain speed control in the cylinder ports. As a shuttle valve, a quick exhaust valve can be used for two separate pressure lines that go into one destination.

For bi-directional control

For this to happen, a small number of exhaust valves are used to achieve maximum control. The valves become responsible for the fast retraction of the cylinder, while making obsolete the use and need for four-way valves.

Dual pressure actuation

For this purpose, quick exhaust valves are involved with another three-way control valve. Under high-pressure conditions, the quick exhaust valve allows for a quick extension of the cylinder. They can be used at lower temperatures to achieve retraction to save air and increase the pneumatic cylinder’s service life.

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