Flow Control Valve: Vacuum Pumps Explained

vacuum pump on air conditioner
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A vacuum pump removes air particles or gas molecules from a sealed space to achieve a difference to create a partial vacuum in pressure. In short, vacuum pumps are mostly used to keep a machine clean inside or to externally clean out a machine. You could say a vacuum pump is an oversized flow control valve, but used to push molecules in order to suck out unclean particles. 

The best example is the vacuum pumps used extensively by refrigeration and air conditioning technicians to remove air or non-condensable water from its systems. These particles and molecules need to be removed because they can cause the systems to operate inefficiently and also corrode internal parts.

How does a vacuum pump work?

The vacuum pump’s main and only function is to shift the pressure in a sealed or contained space in order to create a partial or full vacuum, either chemically or mechanically. Pressure automatically equalises itself across connected areas as gas molecules flow from high to low to fill an entire area with its volume. Thus, if a new low-pressure space is introduced, gas will naturally flow from the high-pressure area to the low-pressure area until the pressure is equalised. This vacuum process is created not by sucking the gas, but by pushing molecules into the contained space. When all the particles or molecules are equalised, this creates a vacuum that removes everything that has shifted from high to low-pressure states.

Other applications

Aside from the above-mentioned use, vacuum pumps are also used in a variety of ways in many industrial and scientific processes. This includes:

  • Composite plastic moulding processes.
  • Production of most types of electric lamps and vacuum tubes.
  • Semiconductor processing and ion implantation.
  • Photolithography, electron microscopy, and medical processes that require suction.
  • Uranium enrichment.
  • Medical applications like radiotherapy, radiosurgery, and radiopharmacy.
  • Vacuum coating on glass, metal, and plastics for decoration.
  • Hard coating for engine components (such as that used in Formula One racing cars).
  • Ophthalmic coating.
  • Milking machines in dairy sheds.
  • Vacuum impregnation of porous materials such as electric motor windings and wood.
  • Freeze drying.
  • Fusion research.
  • Trash compactors.
  • Vacuuming sewage systems.  


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