Flow Control Valve: The Pneumatic Socket Wrench

A pneumatic socket wrench or impact wrench is a power tool used for tightening or loosening rusted or frozen fasteners, large bolts, and lug nuts. The tool provides a high rotational torque that regular or manual power drivers cannot offer. Pneumatic socket impact wrenches provide this power through an internal hammering mechanism using a flow control valve that transfers kinetic energy to the output shaft.

How do socket wrenches work?

An impact wrench resembles a gun in form and features a handle and trigger. It contains a rotating mass and air motor; these two components then work together to make the wrench a power tool. The air motor applies a force to the mass and makes it spin. This causes energy to be stored in that mass, releasing all that pent up energy in a short burst. This results in a powerful force being delivered. This force is delivered by simply pressing the trigger.

Power source

Impact wrenches can be powered by electricity or compressed air. Naturally, pneumatic socket impact wrenches are powered by compressed air. The impact wrench is connected to an external air compressor. The air compressor gives the wrench a steady flow of high-pressure air.

Advantages of pneumatic socket wrenches

The most significant advantage of a pneumatic socket wrench is its application of force. Consider the example of removing a rusted lug nut from a car tire. Often, steady torque will not remove the lug. You need the power of a hammer and pipe, and this is what an impact wrench can deliver. 

The fact that you are using compressed air means you don’t need an external electricity source to power the wrench. Pneumatic wrenches are also smaller, lighter, and more mobile. Therefore, you can bring it anywhere you need it. The wrench will not overheat because of the use of compressed air. This type of wrench is also more affordable than electric ones. The airflow can even be adjusted for minimal or maximum speed control. 

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