Flow Control Valve: All About Pneumatic Fittings

variation of plastic fittings
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Pneumatic fittings, also called push-fit fittings or flow control valve fittings, are easy to use and require no special skill with a torch or solvents. The fittings are engineered with a ring of metal spurs inside the fittings to tightly grip pipes when inserted into the fittings sockets. O-rings inside the fittings form tight, waterproof seals against the pipes.

Push-fit fittings grip any attached pipe with a stainless steel ring that has teeth inside the fitting, while the O-rings ensure a watertight seal around the pipe. However, the pipe edges should be perfectly round or devoid of dirt on the surface to avoid leakages from happening. Likewise, pipes should be cut evenly with a tube cutter and never with a hacksaw to have smooth edges.

What are the different types of pneumatic fittings?

  • Pneumatic elbow fittings – compact and used for working with nylon tubing.
  • Pneumatic straight fittings – can be used with a wide range of instruments.
  • Pneumatic T fittings – full bore design for low leakage rate.
  • Pneumatic Y fittings – has fast connection and disconnection for full flow and vacuum resistance.
  • Pneumatic function fittings – offers many functions such as blocking, exhaust, flow regulation, supply, and silencing.

Benefits of pneumatic fittings

  • The biggest advantage of push-fit fittings is how quick a connection can be made between pipes. In an emergency, a pipe can be quickly repaired or capped by simply slipping on a pneumatic fitting.
  • Push-fit fittings are the fastest and easiest way to make pipe connections without resorting to soldering, clamps, glue, or torches.
  • Pipes don’t have to be completely dry when using pneumatic fittings. Contrast this with CPVC or PVC pipes or copper pipes that have to be bone dry before applying solvent glue or soldering with a torch.
  • Pneumatic fittings are available in various materials for all pipe types and applications. Fittings come in a variety of sizes to suit any application in any industry.
  • Push-fit fittings can be easily removed for repositioning as needed. If the connection is meant as a temporary repair, the fitting can be attached and then quickly removed later from the pipe.

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