Some Facts About the Pressure Control Valve

pressure control valve

A hydraulic system is a device that is operated by the resistance provided or the pressure transferred when a liquid is forced through a tube or small opening. It is used in various types of small and large industrial settings, including vehicles, construction equipment, and buildings. Top users of the system are manufacturing, logging, paper mills, steel processing, and robotics.

An actuator is another component of a machine that works to control and move a system—in this case, a hydraulic system. In order to control the actuator force (pressure x area = force) as well as regulate and select the pressure levels upon which specific machine operations should occur, the system needs a pressure control valve.

There are various uses of pressure controls:

  •         Unload system pressure
  •         Limit maximum system pressure at a secure level
  •         Regulate and reduce pressure
  •         Assist sequential operation of actuators in a circuit with pressure control
  •         Any other pressure-associated operation by pressure control

Most of the time, the pressure control valve is hard to identify because of the name variations given to them. Here are some of its other names and types:

  •         Unloading valve
  •         Pressure relief valve
  •         Brake valve
  •         Pressure sequence valve
  •         Counterbalance valve
  •         Pressure reducing valve
  •         Sequence valve

The most common kinds of pressure control valve include pressure reducing valve and pressure relief valve. Pressure reducing valves decrease the pressure delivered to a hydraulic system’s sub-system, while the pressure relief valves manipulate the system pressure by relieving part or all of the flow to tank. Unloading valves function by directing the flow to tank at pre-set system pressure. The sequence valves are utilised to lead the flow to a secondary circuit.

Essentially, hydraulic systems will only work by using valves, which is why it is important to maintain and keep them functioning well and choose the right valves to use for your mechanisms.

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