Compressed Air Systems Rely on Proper Filtration through a Flow Control Valve

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Many heavy and light industries rely on compressed air due to the fact it is readily available and easy to use. However, to avoid any system failure and poor efficiency, the system of piping needs to be set up with strong air filtration. The act of compressing air can lead to a rise in air temperature, that leads to warm air moving through the system, that leads to moisture, rust, and other contaminants that can compromise the system. Because of this, engineers need to properly filter moisture through a flow control valve or air treatment valve for their compressed air systems. 

Reliability of air filtering or air treatment valves

In recent years, new filtering materials are being incorporated into air treatment valves to improve flow capacity and capture smaller particles. Thus, these valves are becoming 99.999% efficient in their capacity.

The use also of compressed air is because of its reliability. When properly filtered, compressed air systems can work uninterrupted for millions of hours. Depending on the industry use, it now falls on the proper selection of air treatment valves to prevent any short- or long-term issues in the pneumatic system. Remember that even the tiniest particles can plug orifices in the system and cause excessive wear and tear.

Contaminants are really small

Filters are rated according to the minimum particle size that the filters can trap. Filters that are rated at 40 to 60 μm are adequate to protect most industrial applications. Many industries select filters with a 5 μm rating, but the problem with very fine filters is that they can clog more rapidly. As a result of the clogging, higher energy is needed to compress the air, resulting in higher energy costs, increasing air system operating costs.

Moisture barriers

Compressed air means some condensed water, mists, or aerosols can pass through the openings of standard air treatment filters. Whatever the industry, the removal of such droplets is required. Coalescing-type filters in air treatment valves can accomplish this job. This type of filter is often rated to remove aerosols that are substantially smaller than the nominal size of the smallest solid particle that is typically captured. Dual-stage filters for this type can also offer additional air treatment.

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