Choosing the Right Flow Control Valve

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The water, oil, gas, and mining industries are industries that need a network of pipes for their necessary fluids to flow through. So, aside from the pipes, what do all these industries have in common? They all use flow control valve systems to regulate the flow of liquids. Though these industries are different from each other, the mechanisms needed to control flow are similar.

Selecting the right flow control valve for a specific application

Many factors are involved in selecting the correct valve for any application. While valve sizing and selection is a complex process even for engineers, any valve selection process starts by understanding application requirements and suitable valve specifications. Necessary valve attributes also need to be considered.

Valve size and type

Every correct valve type needs to perform one or more basic functions:

  • Shut off flow
  • Divert flow
  • Mix flow
  • Pressure relief
  • Backflow prevention
  • Adjust flow

Valve function determines the design of standard valve types. Correctly measuring valve size is also important. The right valve choice means matching the valve’s size to the expected flow need or mix through any system.

Construction material

Selecting valves means knowing the chemical compatibility requirements of said valves. What material the valve is made of needs to be compatible with the liquids or gasses flowing through the valve. Metal valves need to be tested if they are resistant to corrosive chemicals. Most hard plastic valves can resist harsh chemicals, oils, and gas.

Performance and special requirements

Make sure to check that the valve will work as expected. Check the response time needed as well as the cracking pressure required to open the valve. Consider also checking for normally closed and normally open as needed for positive downstream pressure. Some valves may also not work correctly if mounted vertically instead of horizontally. Flow direction upwards or downwards and fluid density will matter for any valve design.   

Master Mac 2000

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