The Basics of Pneumatic Systems

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Not all of us may know it, but pneumatics is present almost everywhere in the world. It helps make everyday mechanical systems work. We rely on them so much on a daily basis, but most of us do not even notice their importance.

By definition, pneumatics is the branch of technology or physics that deals with the mechanical properties of gases. Pneumatic systems are used to control many different types of machinery. There are several ways to control various machinery, but with pneumatics, they will work more efficiently and effectively.

Pneumatic systems work by using canisters filled with specialised gases or compressed air and then releasing force on various machine parts and pistons, which gives that movement needed by mechanical devices to execute their tasks.

They are used in many things including the following:

  •         Nail guns
  •         Air compressors
  •         Jackhammers
  •         Air brakes on trucks and buses
  •         Vacuum pumps
  •         Pressure regulators
  •         Pneumatic motors
  •         Pneumatic air guns
  •         Pneumatic mail systems

The pneumatic system is composed of four parts: the compressor, actuator, check valve, and directional valve.

The compressor is the pump responsible for compressing air, raising it to a higher pressure, and delivering it to the system. Apart from being used to release or push air out, it is also utilised for pulling air inward as a vacuum.

The actuator functions as a converter of stored compressed air into linear or rotary mechanical motion. Common actuators come with a cylinder, a piston, and a configuration of ports and valves.

The check valve is a one-way regulator that operates by allowing the pressurised air through the pneumatic system while preventing backflow.

The directional valve regulates the direction of airflow to the right source.

Pneumatic systems are important because they are used in numerous machineries to fix roads, make large vehicles function properly, and many others.

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