Master Mac 2000: Basic Information About Flow Control Valve

flow control valveA flow control valve manages the pressure of the hydraulic systems. It manages the airflow and allows any fluid to stream to the desired volume. This process creates a type of energy that can be utilised to operate light to substantial machine works. 

A basic example of a flow control valve is found in our homes and is categorised as a ball valve. It’s a type of valve that is dual-operational. It functions as an open-close module that slows or increases the flow.

An example of flow control valves is gate valves. They are present in each home that has a water connection. It primarily passes through the flow meter through waterline connections and is distributed for home-usage. It’s one of the most straightforward flow control valves that conveys liquid in a single pipeline. But the plumbing system at home is much simpler compared to a more sophisticated and mechanical hydraulic circuit.

A hydraulic system is a designed circuit that helps operate heavy types of machinery through the use of water power, converted to create water-pressurised energy. The designs, materials, and sizes of a flow control valve vary, but their purpose remains the same.

The Function of a Flow Control Valve

Flow control valves in a hydraulic system serve as the tool or the key that regulates the stream rate and the pressure needed for a specific operation. They can also control the type of stress during a process by adjusting the valve. Its concept is derived from physics as regulation of work, energy, and power. Aside from the flow control valve, other vital parts can also influence the operation of the system, which is why each mechanism should be in its right size and design.

The Proper Size of Flow Control Valve

As with any mechanised system, the system of hydraulics cannot process without the use of precision in the mechanism. Each part is like a cogwheel or in this case, an orifice that relays work to another network to progress. Without the appropriate fittings, the whole system could malfunction. It’s a mathematical system wherein the workload should be equal to the amount of energy released.

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