Are Industrial Parts Such as Air Rams Considered “Essential”?

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to expand, manufacturers and distributors are facing challenges on several fronts. At the outset of the economic disruption, the industry had to question whether industrial parts such as valves, cylinders, air rams, etc. were considered as “essential.” The answer was a “yes” because many industries are dependent on industrial parts and spares such as electricity and water distribution, and oil and gas, to name a few.

Workforce Issues

Manufacturers and distributors of industrial parts and spares – though deemed essential – faced a daunting issue with its workforce. Many companies found it difficult to adopt immediate safety measures for their employees since the type of work could not be done remotely from home. Also, the fear of outbreaks within the ranks as well as employees who needed to take care of sick family members and travel restrictions severely depleted the workforce. 

Supply Chain Issues

Manufacturers and distributors also faced the issue of weakening links in the operational and supply chain since transport deliveries had to prioritise more urgent essentials such as food and medical supplies and equipment. Because of the scarcity of transports, continued supply chain bottlenecks occurred within Australia and internationally, especially in areas hardest hit by the pandemic.

Though some industrial parts and spares are deemed essential, another bottleneck was where said parts and spares originated. Countries of origin such as the U.S. and most of Europe were at complete lockdown. Thus, whatever was deemed essential coming from these countries took longer than normal to reach their destinations.

Looking Forward

Manufacturers and distributors will need to look beyond their economic viability if they are to work hand-in-hand with the companies they need to supply. They will need to coordinate closely with these companies to forge plans that are essential to both public safety, operations, and distribution. This is most relevant to manufacturers and distributors of critically essential components, parts, spares, and other finished goods in areas of critical importance to the country, such as essential repairs of infrastructure (bridges, roads, etc.), energy and power, transport, communications, food, and agriculture. 

Master Mac 2000

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Stuart Havill

Stuart Havill is the owner and manager of MasterMac2000, Queensland's largest privately owned pneumatic and process valve company.

With his early working career as a maintenance fitter for Boral in 1992, Stuart has spent his life in the field of pneumatics and process equipment. He gained extensive experience in plant design, maintenance, repairs, fabrication, and site management.

In 1996, he transitioned to a pneumatic sales technician role at MasterMac2000, where he excelled in key account management, providing cost-effective solutions, and managing a sales team of 9 employees.

Since 2002, Stuart has been the manager at MasterMac2000, overseeing the company's growth and establishing it as a leader in pneumatic automation and process valve engineering. His expertise spans customer training, CRM setup, industrial compressor sizing and installation, and turn-key project management.

Under Stuart's leadership, MasterMac2000 has been servicing the industry since 1988, with 5 full-time sales representatives covering northern rivers NSW, Queensland, Northern Territory, and PNG. The company prides itself on providing the best-priced solutions to all customers in the marketplace.

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