Powered by Air Rams, the Power Tool called Pneumatic Screwdriver

If you’re not familiar with power tools, aside from air-powered drills and impact wrenches, there is a power tool called a pneumatic screwdriver powered by compressed air using air rams. Pneumatic screwdrivers are more commonly used in factory assembly lines. It allows a worker to work on multiple screws in a single product without generating hand or arm fatigue. Like standard screwdrivers, pneumatic tools can have detachable flat, Phillips, and torque heads. 


Unlike battery-powered screwdrivers, compressed air pneumatic versions typically remain constant in their rotational speeds and never require recharging. Standard maintenance is usually just a light oil application in the air line connection to lubricate the motor as the air flows through.

Industrial use

Many factory and assembly lines involve the driving or tightening of screws of different types. Using a hand-held screwdriver will only stop the assembly line from catching up as the workers fall behind. Severe fatigue may also result in a worker’s injury. While a battery-powered screwdriver may be helpful, this may also result in stoppages as the screwdrivers may require charging or switching battery packs. The price of battery packs is also high. 

Pneumatic screwdrivers in assembly plants need no recharging or battery packs. External air compressors typically power them with air lines dropped down over the assembly line from the ceiling. The worker only needs to pull the spring-loaded pneumatic screwdriver down to use for work. The pneumatic is shaped like a gun, so all the worker needs is to pull the trigger to operate the screwdriver. 

By hanging the pneumatic screwdrivers from above the line, the workers will not become tangled in air lines around their feet, and the air lines are not in the way of the daily work. The pneumatic tool’s spring-loaded action pulls the tool up and out of the way as the worker releases the tool, allowing the worker to push the product down the line or do other assembly steps.

Other uses

Pneumatic screwdrivers can also be used in machine shops, motor car repair and body shops, and woodworking assembly shops. The speed of the tool ensures that work time on pushing in screws is cut down considerably.  

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