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American Cylinder is a leading provider of high-quality pneumatic cylinders for industrial automation applications. As one of the largest privately owned process automation suppliers in Australia, MasterMac2000 stock a wide selection of American Cylinder products at their Brisbane warehouse.

Pneumatic cylinders play a critical role in countless automation systems across industries such as food & beverage, packaging, manufacturing, and more. They provide powerful and precise linear motion using compressed air to drive a piston within a protective cylinder body.

This motion can be used to open/close valves, move products along an assembly line, lift/lower containers, and countless other repetitive tasks that help automate production processes.


American Cylinder has been designing and manufacturing pneumatic cylinders for over 50 years. They offer a wide portfolio of cylinder styles tailored for different application needs. Through their strategic partnership with MasterMac2000, customers throughout Queensland and Australia have reliable access to American Cylinder’s high-quality products.

Types Of Pneumatic Cylinders From American Cylinder

American Cylinder is a manufacturer of a wide variety of air cylinder cylinder types to suit different automation needs. Choosing the right style for each application ensures optimal performance.

Their main cylinder product families include:

Made entirely from 316 grade stainless steel, these cylinders are ideal for hygienic washdown environments like food & beverage manufacturing. The monobloc construction has no crevices where moisture or debris could accumulate. Hardened and polished rods slide smoothly yet withstand heavy use and corrosion. Flange, foot, and trunnion mounting options provide flexibility.

Machined from a solid billet of hard-anodiSed 6061-T6 aluminium, these air cylinders are durable and economical for general industrial use. Hard chrome plated rods combined with industrial grade seals maximise cycles to failure.

External fasteners are stainless steel. Flange, foot and bracket styles allow a variety of mounting configurations.

For applications involving exposure to corrosive liquids or chemicals, CR cylinders feature an innovative corrosion resistant PLC plating on an aluminium body. Seals are specially compounded for demanding environments like water treatment or mining equipment.

Mounting styles include feet, brackets and trunnions.

Space-saving LPC cylinders minimise overall envelope size while providing full-size bore and stroke capacities. Hard anodized aluminium bodies withstand impacts while low profile heads allow tight packaging. Permanent seals prevent contamination. Sizes from 1/2” to 2-1/2” bores.

linear slide lsc series cylinder

The linear slide design features a non-rotating rod for applications needing linear vs rotary motion like slides, tables or linear cutting. Self-lubricating Kel-F bearings provide low-friction guidance. Flanged, trunnion and foot bases create mounting flexibility in sizes from 1/2” to 2” bore.

Mini Pak and MSP Series Tie Rod Cylinders

Mini-Pak & MSP Series

Designed for higher forces, these steel tie-rod cylinders feature rugged construction via internal tie rods for strength. Double-acting models provide bi-directional thrust. Options include hydraulic boosters for extreme gripping or lifting applications up to 8” bore capacities.

Product Design Benefits

American Cylinders are relied upon by automation professionals worldwide for their consistent high quality and reliable performance.

Here are some of the key benefits that American Cylinder pneumatic cylinders provide for automation applications:


American Cylinder cylinders are engineered to withstand rigorous cyclic use in industrial production environments. Key components like rods, tubes, and seals are designed to exceed lifespan expectations even after millions of cycles over long-term use. The highest quality materials like hardened chromed rods and anodised aluminum housings protect against wear and corrosion to keep production running smoothly for years.


Precision engineering and tight tolerances ensure American cylinders provide smooth, precise motion free of stiction or friction. Whether the required motion is gross or minute, American cylinders deliver the repeatable accuracy needed for automated assembly, packaging, sorting and other processes. Optional features like hard-stop pistons optimise precision for applications with little room for error.


Cylinders developed for hygienic food manufacturing or wet environments are stainless steel or corrosion resistant for complete washdown capability. Seals, fasteners, and surface finishes prevent incursion of liquids or debris which could potentially contaminate product. These ‘non-repairable’ style cylinders maintain a contamination-free interior during operation over the long-term.

Energy Efficiency

Various cylinder types, materials, and sealing options allow American Cylinder products to consume minimal compressed air. Low friction seals and coatings inside dressed aluminium tubes help optimise overall efficiency. Choosing the right style for an application maximises productive work from each litre of compressed air consumed. Efficiency reduces energy costs over time.

Service Life

Even with rigorous usage schedules, American Cylinder cylinders are engineered for long, reliable service lives exceeding OEM minimums. Quality construction and proven component combinations maximise uptime by avoiding unplanned failures or repairs. Maintenance requirements like seal changes or rod dressings are minimised even over years of continuous operation. This life-cycle cost benefit is invaluable for continuous production processes.

Motion Control

A variety of mounting brackets, clevises, sensors and pilot valves allow cylinders to be precisely integrated into full automated motion sequences. Combining cylinders with other pneumatic components creates highly controlled linear or rotary motion profiles exactly as required. As the cylinder specialist, American helps spec and support complete pneumatic circuits for complex automation machinery.

American Cylinder delivers on the key performance metrics that ensure effective automation - including durability, precision, containment, efficiency, customization potential and long service life. Businesses require cylinder reliability to maximise productivity, and American Cylinder is trusted worldwide to deliver the consistent, high quality pneumatic motion critical to any production environment.

With distribution through MasterMac2000, Australian operators have local access to these benefits as well.

Selecting The Right American Cylinder Systems

When automating a process that requires pneumatic cylinders, properly selecting the right style and size is crucial. American Cylinder manufactures a broad range of cylinders, so where do you start? The most important considerations are the application needs in terms of duty cycle, motion requirements, mounting orientation, environmental factors, and more.

Start by defining the specific details of what the cylinder must do - will it be lifting, gripping, pushing/pulling or indexing parts? What is the desired speed and stroke length? How many cycles per minute will it perform on average? Understanding the mechanical motion requirements provides insight into suitable cylinder features.

Determine primary environmental exposures like temperature ranges, wash-down needs, or chemical compatibility. American Cylinder offers cylinders tailored for everything from 105°C autoclave washdown to -40°C freezer applications to mineral processing plants. Selecting a construction material compatible with the operating conditions prevents premature failures.

Consider required mounting configurations such as horizontal, vertical, upside down or in confined spaces. American Cylinder bases range from simple trunnion mounts to complex orthogonal foot brackets for full flexibility. Review space envelopes to ensure adequate clearance between system components as well.

Assess the mechanism loads and thrusts that must be generated in each direction of motion. Use calculated values along with safety factors to correctly size the cylinder bore diameter. American Cylinder’s technical resources can assist with these specifications.

Inventory other auxiliary equipment interfacing with the cylinder such as valves, switches, actuation levers and mechanical links. Consider integration points, required pilot pressures and how additional components may impact the pneumatic circuit design.

Cylinders from American Cylinder provide reliable linear motion control critical for optimising countless automated processes.

They've earned a global reputation for precision engineering and high performance demanded by industry-leading companies worldwide.

For Those Who Want The Best

American Cylinders' extensive product portfolio is well suited for varied industrial environments and applications. Their cylinders offer solutions for general machinery as well as hygienic wipe-down equipment in food/pharma through styles like stainless steel series. Other models address demanding chemical exposures or space constraints with innovative designs.

Proven benefits of American Cylinder products are their precision, containment, long service life, and ability to maximise productivity through reliability, efficiency and process control accuracy. Countless industries depend on their cylinders' consistent performance day after day in production environments worldwide.

As the leading pneumatic supplier in Queensland, MasterMac2000 provides access to American Cylinder's full portfolio through their large inventory of high-demand styles.

With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, their knowledgeable team stands ready to assist with pneumatic system design from selection through commissioning and beyond.

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