The Essentials of Pneumatic Cylinders with Air Rams

air rams

Some industrial applications need linear motion for necessary operating sequences. One of the most cost-effective methods to accomplish this is by using pneumatic actuators or pneumatic air cylinders using air rams. An air cylinder is a device that translates a source of static power into useful output motion. It can also be used to apply force. Air cylinders typically are mechanical devices that take energy and convert it into some form of motion with the intent for blocking, clamping, or ejecting.

Pneumatic cylinders used in pneumatic and hydraulic systems

Though pneumatic cylinders or actuators are used for both pneumatic and hydraulic systems, the difference with both is that pneumatic systems operate through the use of air or gasses, while hydraulics run on fluid or liquid power.

There are basically four parts in a pneumatic cylinder. Each part plays an essential role in the cylinder system running well.

  • Valve – This part controls the force and flow of the compressed air into the system. It regulates the pressure, rate, and amount of air required by the whole system.
  • Actuators – This is the actual air rams. It creates a linear motion with a force that can range between a thousand pounds to a thousand tons. It creates pressure through pulling or pressing.
  • Compressor – This part converts ordinary air into compressed air. This is the starting point of the whole pneumatic system and is responsible for converting motorised power into pneumatic energy.
  • Tank – Used as a reservoir to store minimal amounts of compressed air that will eventually be used as soon as the valve begins operating. In short, it holds compressed air like a storage bank.

Pneumatic cylinder selection

When selecting any pneumatic or air cylinder, it is important to accurately match the cylinder to the application, especially when it comes to the required force needed. The theoretical force available in the cylinder or actuator is the piston surface area multiplied by the supplied air pressure.

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