Introduction to UNIVER’s Intelligent Pneumatic Actuators

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UNIVER, a pneumatic component supplier company, got involved in industrial automation producing pneumatic valves and poppet valves for vacuums in the 1970s. Due to advances in technology, the company continued to thrive, producing industrial automation equipment in the following decades. And one of its proud pneumatic tools is the pneumatic actuator.

Pneumatic actuators are devices that convert energy from a  pressurised gas into motion. They can be used in producing both linear and rotary motion, usually powered by electric compressors. There are other means of creating motion such as an electric or hydraulic motor, but the safer, more reliable, and cheaper alternative are pneumatic actuators.

Consisting of a cylinder or chamber in which a pressurised gas, regular air, or a combination of the two, is contained for expansion, pneumatic actuators can be used in different applications. Their most notable use is in combustible engines as they serve as the entire system, allowing liquid gasoline to be mixed with the air and then ignited for the gas to expand. Other examples where pneumatic actuators are applied include air compressors, pneumatic mail tubes, pneumatic nail guns, pumps, sensors, switches, and other industrial purposes.

Since such pneumatic tools are easy to produce and control, pneumatic actuators are more accessible and readily available for use. They are safer as their gases are less likely to catch fire unless contained and ignited. They only store compressed gases even when there is no electricity supplied to the actuator. These mentioned properties make pneumatic actuators remain highly durable and functional for a long time.

UNIVER’s pneumatic actuators can come with a digital measuring detector or an integrated locking system, or both.

Pneumatic actuator with a digital measuring system (NQZ)

This type of pneumatic actuator is suitable for controlling collisions in critical sequencing cycles and palletisation/de-palletisation levels of piled objects, detecting stopping position, certificating stations of tool breaking on machines or machined pieces for chip removal, and identifying, classifying, and selecting of objects. Such a pneumatic tool can be used as both pneumatic actuators with a digital measuring system and digital measuring detector.

Pneumatic actuator with integrated safety locking device (NFZ)

This variety features a locking device integrated into the rear part of the cylinder in an axial position, with high repeatability and an intervention speed of 16 m/s.

Pneumatic actuator with safety locking device and integrated digital measuring system (NTZ)

A result of integrating both the digital position detector and safety locking system, NTZ is typically used in the automation of operating machines, mechanisation, and palletisations.

Whether you need a locking system that is axially placed to the cylinder and integrated into its interior in the rear part, or you want the locking position controlled, depending on your specific requirements, the decision is all yours. Just remember to choose the kind of pneumatic tools that will be of great use to you.

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