Diverter Valves Are Air Rams for Diverting Air

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The best example of a diverter valve is the type of valve used for shower faucets and showerheads. It diverts the direction of the water. However, since the focus is on air rams, this type of diverter valve or diverter block shifts the direction of pressurised air.

When you step on the gas in any vehicle, the air goes into the engine because the throttle plate opens up. The pressurised air is compressed and forced into the engine by turbo power. When you shift gears, you let off the throttle. This will close the throttle plate, and the turbo power continues to spin. As the turbo continues to turn, it will have less work to do the next time you need it. However, that air that it was compressing needs to go in another direction.

Diverter valves as air rams

Diverter valves take that compressed air and recycle it through the intake stream. If the air weren’t diverted or were allowed to be sucked back into the turbo, the air would have caused the turbo to spin backwards, causing damage to the engine. Every time the turbo power is engaged when the vehicle shifts gears, the diverter valves go to work.

The difference with a blow-off valve

Some vehicles still use a blow-off valve. This valve simply takes the compressed air from the turbo and sends it out into the atmosphere. This causes the vehicle to inject measured fuel based on the previous air that was in the system, plus any new intake of air. Usually, a vehicle using a blow-off valve can be identified with the cool “pfft” sound the valve makes. Whether a diverter valve or blow-off valve makes for a richer running engine will depend on the type of vehicle and what the vehicle is built to do.

Benefits of a diverter valve in a vehicle

The diverter valve in vehicles regulates the turbo power. When the vehicle is in idle mode, the vacuum pressure opens the valve. The turbo boost is activated when the valve is closed fully. When the throttle is lifted, it releases the boost pressure into the air cleaner box. If the valve is damaged or inadequate, there is a loss of boost, extended lag, or sluggish throttle response. These problems are prevented with the installation of a diverter valve. 

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