Dental Air Rams or Compressors for Pneumatic Dental Units

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A dental air compressor is a specially designed compressor used for pneumatic dental units in dental or medical practice. All of a dentist’s essential tools used in dental practice are powered by these dental air rams. To prevent patients from getting harmful contaminants, air compressors are strictly regulated and are all oil-free, using exclusively compressed air.

How it works

Dental tools used for cutting, drilling, cleaning, and polishing are air-driven high-speed units that all use air compression. Compressed air powers the turbine and supplies between 35 and 61 pounds per square inch of compressed air. This passes up the centre of the instrument and rotates a Pelton wheel in the head of the handpiece instrument. The centre of the chuck windmill is surrounded by bearing housing that holds a friction-grip burr at the centre, and firmly, within the instrument. Inside the bearing housing are tiny and lubricated stainless steel (or ceramic) ball bearings that allow the shank or the burr to rotate smoothly along a central axis with minimal friction. The whole rotor contains O-rings at the head. The O-rings will enable the system to become perfect centric during idle speeds and also allows a small rotor movement inside or within the head.

Advantages of pneumatic dental units

  • Pneumatically powered compressed air dental tools are reliable and versatile when properly maintained.
  • It allows the dental practice to grow and bring in more sophisticated levels of equipment.
  • It leads to greater customer satisfaction, which proves highly advantageous to dentists.
  • It has proven to be the safest type of any dental tools ever invented since compressed air only carries air.


The only disadvantage seen is the relatively high initial cost of compressed air dental units. But most medical equipment always bears an initial high cost. After only a few years of use, this equipment would have a good return on investment plus offering dentists substantial good profits.   

Master Mac 2000

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