Compressed Air Rams or Air Treatment Valves

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Air treatment valves, sometimes called air rams, is usually a single, high-performance valve on main flow that handles regulation for relief functions. It is typically controlled by a high-precision pilot regulator with a controlled relief. This type of valve can also be used in a series with a manual on-off valve, with an electric valve, or with a progressive actuator. The smallest air treatment valve can be as little as 1/4 inch, or as big as an inch in size. The valve usually has a flow rate of 91psi with 14 psid, and maximum inlet pressure of 145 psi.

Compact air treatment

The best example in the use of air treatment valves is when they are as compact style air treatment modules designed to safeguard pneumatic powered tools. This also includes filter and regulator components designed to dry and filter particulates, and an air regulator to control sudden air pressure increases. Air treatment valves can be used for all air motors with or without integrated lubrication. 

Air treatment valves and compressor control

Air treatment valves are used to store high-pressure air from the compressor. Its volume reduces pressure fluctuations arising from any changes in the load and from switching of compressors. Air coming from the compressor can be warm to very hot, so the large surface area of the air treatment valve or air receiver dissipates this heat to the surrounding atmosphere. Any moisture left in the air from the compressor will eventually condense in the receiver, so outgoing air should be taken from the receiver’s top.

Air treatment valve use in specific industries

Tire manufacturing

Increasing global demand for tyres even during pandemic times requires manufacturers to create innovative production processes that improve automation, minimises waste, lowers energy usage, and supports rapid changes. As plants streamline production, air treatment valves and air rams become part of innovative solutions that help achieve the balance needed to increase targets and prolong equipment lifecycles.


From air treatment valves to field designs, these innovations offer improvements to the bottling process. Customisable solutions deliver efficiency, flexibility, and consistency for high-speed bottling processing. High-flow, low-power and compact components that include a wide range of air treatment valves, solenoid valves, and other bottling preparation products, add efficiency to bottling, all the while, increasing performance.

Master Mac 2000

Master Mac 2000 was founded in 1989 and has since grown to become one of Australia’s largest privately-owned distributor for air treatment valves or air rams, as well as pneumatic and process automation valves and components. Visit the Master Mac 2000 website today at or give them a call at 07 3344 4711.

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