Air Rams: The Air Needlegun Scaler

woman in protective goggles using a needlegun scaler
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The air needle-gun, needle scaler, or needlegun scaler is an air tool that uses air rams to remove old paint, mill scale, and rust from metal and concrete surfaces. Needlegun scalers are primarily used in metalwork applications such as shipboard repairs and preservation, automotive repair, and construction repair.

Physical features

A needlegun scaler has a set of very fine chisel-like needles. The air rams and compressed air powers these chisels against a work surface at high variable speeds. Being a pneumatic unit, the compressed air from the air rams forces a piston forwards and backwards, and this movement causes the chisels to move back and forth against the work surface.  

Industrial uses

Surprisingly, the needlegun scaler is a little known industrial tool except with industrial workers directly using the said tool. Scalers were actually common in auto body shops because they work faster than standard sanders. Another reason is that scalers could clean out parts that could not be reached by hand or sanders. This is important because repairs and body works cannot be carried out if the auto body parts are dirty or grimy. While solvents and other cleaning chemicals are used to clean body parts, scalers are used to reach areas that need a thorough cleaning.

Aside from motorcar body shops, needlegun scalers are used to prepare or repair metal and concrete surfaces. The work includes texturing concrete, cleaning out weld seams and joints, removing old coatings, and remove corrosive rust. The importance of using needlegun scalers is seen in the tool’s ability to adjust to intricate contours and irregular surfaces.

Whatever concrete or metal surface is needed to be cleaned by a needlegun scaler, even if dirt, grime, oil, and grease still remain, these can all be cleaned out. What solvents and chemicals cannot remove, the scaler is sure to remove.  

Two types of needlegun scalers

There are two kinds of needlegun scalers.

  • The most common is the pistol type, highly recommended because of the pistol grip design that provides more control. This is the type most used in many industries and auto bodywork shops.
  • The second type is the barrel style. This extended barrel type tool allows it to get into spots where the pistol type tool cannot fit.

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