Air Rams: Industrial Equipment is Vital for the Economy During the Pandemic

air rams

The present pandemic crisis has turned into a global crisis, unprecedented in scale. No industry has escaped unscathed, even if those sectors are considered as essential. Industrial equipment is no exception. All types of industrial equipment are grappling with this health and economic crisis, as both manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain operations have been disrupted. Despite all this, analysts realise that industrial equipment such as pneumatic valves and air rams, to name a few, are vital and essential to sectors such as water and electricity distributors, as well as manufacturing, oil, and gas.

Essential industries at a time of economic uncertainty

Industrial equipment was already facing several challenges from countries in economic conflict with each other when the pandemic hit worldwide. 

Industrial equipment for all industry sectors is critical even to a single country’s economy. Aside from essential sectors such as water, electricity, communications, internet, and the like, industrial equipment covers around 25 per cent of any country’s manufacturing GDP (Australia included). Essential industries employ up to 30 per cent of a country’s workforce, with manufacturing employing around 20 per cent.

The solution is just to keep moving

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to the issues facing industrial equipment distribution and manufacturing. Distribution is reliant on supply chains, and these are under immense pressure at present. 

Thus, business continuity will depend on industrial equipment prioritisation. Companies need to establish which industries or sectors need a rapid response deployment based on survival or keeping a balance in essential economic needs. Companies then need to rapidly adjust operations to continue the consistency in the response cycle. Most of all, distributors and manufacturers must establish a smooth ongoing operations capability.


At present, MasterMac2000 is responding with a specific focus and prioritisation on customers’ core needs as it sees these customer needs to be essential and vital to the economy as well. Since face-to-face meetings are out of the question due to social distancing, the company enables virtual discussions and work whenever possible while ensuring the highest levels of response.

At the same time, MasterMac2000 is also anticipating ramping back up the business now that health protocols and lockdowns are being eased off in Australia. The company is now taking a longer-term view and thinking through any post-pandemic implications.

MasterMac2000, established in 1989, has grown to become one of Australia’s largest privately-owned process valve, pneumatic components, and air rams distributors operating from their main office and warehouse in Brisbane. If you need solutions to your industrial equipment needs, our helpful staff are available on our website,

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