Air Rams: How a Motorcycle Lift Works

air rams

Getting down on your knees to repair or maintain your motorcycle can take its toll on your energy levels. Instead, you can use a motorcycle lift to “lift” your motorbike to a comfortable height to work on. Bike lift tables are flat steel textured surface plates with a lifting and locking mechanism that holds the bike in place. Bike lifts feature compressed air rams or hydraulics systems that lift or lower the motorbike to a suitable height.

Key Features of Bike Lifts

  • Size – Normal length and width of the bike-raising platform are around 110 by 80 inches, good enough even for a large bike. These platforms can lift bikes weighing more than 1,000 pounds.
  • Construction – Motorcycle lifts are made from steel, this being a strong and durable material. The finish is usually oi- and dust-resistant to give a clean work environment and a rubber platform for better stability when the bike is set up.
  • Lifting height – Lifts have adjustable heights, offering the user the convenience of adjusting the height of a motorcycle to a comfortable working position. Most lifts can be raised up to 30 inches with a 3-inch minimum height.
  • Safety features – For added safety, lifts come with a rubber platform, locking mechanisms, and side extensions to promote maximum stability of the platform.

Hydraulics or Air Rams System

By far, the best type of motorcycle lift is the hydraulics bike lift. It contains two cylinders; one for pushing and the other one is for transferring of energy. The smaller cylinder is pushed so the energy transfers to the bigger one through hydraulic fluid. As a result, there is a tremendous amount of force exerted on the lift to be raised or lowered. When air pressure is exerted, the lift is raised. When the air rams are released of air pressure, the lift is lowered. 

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