Pneumatic Air Rams are Found in Common Everyday Tools like Nail Guns

Pneumatic air rams, or more commonly known as pneumatic system, use pressurised gasses to power either a rotation rotor system or a reciprocating piston. By comparison, pneumatic hydraulic systems use liquids to apply pressurised power. Essentially, pneumatic systems work by compressing to a higher pressure that forces a spindle or piston to move. But while pneumatic systems are usually associated with massive pressure or hydraulic machines in plants, there are many examples from tools used in daily life.

The Air Nail Gun and Other Examples

The best examples of daily tools that use pneumatic systems are nail guns, air brake systems on busses and trucks, bicycle or ball pumps, jackhammers, orbital sanders, and tire pressure gauges.

In nail guns, air pressure flows into the gun from a compressor, and the air pressure is then stored in a chamber. When the trigger is pulled, a plunger releases the pressurised air from the chamber to push nails out at high speeds to embed into the wood.

How a Nail Gun Really Works

Pneumatic nail guns use the same sort of hammer like a sliding piston that drives into a long blade. When the air pressure above the piston head is stronger than it is below it, the piston is forced forward. In short, here’s what happens when you pull the trigger:

  • The trigger valve closes and opens a passageway. With the trigger valve closed, the compressed air cannot flow to the valve plunger.
  • The compressed air then makes its way to the piston head.
  • The compressed air drives the piston and blade to propel the nail out of the chamber.
  • As the piston slides, it drives the air inside the cylinder through a series of holes, into a return air chamber.

Basically, other pneumatic tools follow the same pattern, most notably with jackhammers and orbital sanders. But with other devices, instead of a nail shooting out, the pressurised air simply spins or drives a tool. With air brakes, the air drives down the brake pads. With pumps and gauges, the only thing that comes out is pressurised air.

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