Air Rams: All About Pneumatic Clamps

pneumatic clamps of drilling machine
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Pneumatic clamps, also called power clamps, are heavy-duty pneumatic locking clamps that use air rams and are mostly used in the automotive industry. Power clamps began to replace manual clamps when they were first developed in the mid-1980s. Today, modern pneumatic clamps are used in all industries because of their automation, reliability, and robust design and capability.

The need for pneumatic clamps

Pneumatic clamps are mostly used in automated manufacturing processes in which one of the requirements is to accurately and repeatedly clamp components as quickly as possible. Because power clamps do not need an external power source, they are most useful in limited spaces or if the clamp needs to be located remotely in the assembly line. Pneumatic clamps are even used in incinerators to hold the oven doors closed, or desert heavy machinery.

Using pneumatic clamps outside the automotive industry

Pneumatic clamps were originally developed solely for the automotive industry. They do remain the primary user, but power clamps are now used in different applications and automated environments such as aerospace manufacturing or wherever there is an automated environment like an assembly line.

Different types of pneumatic clamps

Generally, all pneumatic clamps refer to the operation wherein there is an over-centre clamp with an arm that pivots and rotates into the closed or clamped position. All clamps in the power clamp family perform more or less the same function.

It is the size that differentiates the types. Small pneumatic clamps ranging from 25 to 40 bore sizes are usually made from aluminium that gives them reduced weight. They are also hard anodised for increased strength. The bigger pneumatic clamps from 50, 63, to 80 bore sizes are all made from steel that gives them extra strength and endurance. This also makes them more resistant to damage and increases their thread strength.

Pneumatic “gripper” clamps of the 40 bore size are those that are mounted on robot arms in manufacturing plants and assembly lines. But instead of clamping down on something for assembly, the action is more for gripping.   

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