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Slide Units For Pneumatic Cylinders

Precision Linear Motion for Automation Applications

Slide Units For Pneumatic Cylinders are precision linear motion components that allow pneumatic cylinders to produce accurate linear movement. They provide a sliding interface between the end of a pneumatic cylinder rod and an accompanying mounting surface or payload.

Variations for Different Applications

MasterMac2000 offers a wide variety of Slide Units to suit different pneumatic cylinder and application needs. For smaller cylinders in the M, KE/K and KD series, options include protruding shafts, fully protected cylinders, central mounting configurations and moving carriages.

For larger diameter cylinders, the popular MQ2 Series Slide Units are available in bore sizes ranging from 12mm up to 63mm. Within the MQ2 Series, the two main product types are the MQ2-S and MQ2-L.

MQ2-S and MQ2-L Specifications

The MQ2-S Slide Unit is a slim, compact design fitted with precision bushes, making it ideal for medium accuracy applications where low noise is important.

The MQ2-L Slide Unit also has a slim, compact form factor but is fitted with linear roller bearings for heavier loads and higher precision in demanding applications. Both the MQ2-S and MQ2-L have a maximum stroke of 200mm and can operate between 2-10 bar of compressed air pressure. Table 1 outlines key MQ2 Series Slide Unit specifications:

Specification Details
Type Slide Unit
Bore sizes 12mm to 63mm
Maximum stroke 200mm
Operating pressure 2-10 bar
Fluid Compressed air, filtered to 50 microns
Operating temperature range Maximum 60°C, minimum -5°C

Precision and Performance

The roller bearings incorporated in MQ2-L Slide Units provide superior load capacity, accuracy and lifespan compared to bushing designs. Dynamic load, torque and bending moment ratings are higher, enabling the MQ2-L to handle off-centre and eccentric loading situations better than the MQ2-S. However, for applications where noise levels are a priority, the MQ2-S remains the better option due its smoother sliding performance.

Customisation Options

While MQ2 Series Slide Units offer “out-of-the-box” sizing to suit many common pneumatic cylinder models, MasterMac2000 can also custom-manufacture non-standard bore sizes and installation configurations on request to accommodate bespoke pneumatic system designs. A variety of position sensing options such as proximity sensors, limit switches and linear transducers can also be factory-fitted.

Reach Out to the Experts

To discuss project requirements and obtain a custom quote for Slide Units For Pneumatic Cylinders, please contact our Brisbane-based team at MasterMac2000. Our applications engineers can help select the ideal Slide Unit model or custom solution according to your specific needs such as stroke length, cycles rates, positioning accuracy demands and environmental factors.  

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