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Pneumatic Rotary Cylinders

Univer’s Rotary Cylinders – Rotary Actuation Solutions for Precision Applications.

Precision Rotary Motion with TecnAir Cylinders

TecnAir rotary cylinders from Univer offer industrial manufacturers highly efficient rotary actuation solutions for a wide range of applications requiring precision rotational motion control. Incorporating the latest engineering innovations, TecnAir cylinders provide consistent, accurate rotation with high torque capabilities.

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Rotary Cylinder Product Types

TecnAir manufactures four main series of rotary cylinders to meet varied application needs:

The R-Series are general purpose rotary actuators available in bore sizes from 32mm to 125mm. Offering rotation ranges from 90-360 degrees, the R-Series provides robust and affordable rotary actuation for common tasks like conveying, folding, and valve control.

The heavy-duty R22/R23 High Load Rotary Actuator/Table series features precision bearings for withstanding high axial loads suitable for rotary table applications. Bore sizes range from 15mm to 40mm with rotation angles up to 190 degrees.

The compact R30 series prioritises small dimensions without compromising torque. Ideal where space is limited, models exist with 50mm, 63mm, 80mm and 100mm bores and 90/180 degree rotation.

Finally, the multi-voltage electric E-Series offers corrosion resistant and low maintenance electric rotary motion from 24V to 230V models in 32mm to 80mm bores with IP67 protection for washdown environments.
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Precision Engineering for Repeatability

All TecnAir cylinders leveraged refined design principles for smoother, more precise and repeatable rotational performance. Square rack and pinion gears reduce backlash within robust roller bearings. Pneumatic or hydraulic cushioning provides gentle deceleration at rotation limits. Anodised extruded aluminium housings and sealed end caps withstand demanding conditions.

Customisation is readily achieved through adjustable end caps for infinite intermediate angle selections. Dual pinion configurations and varied port/thread options expand integration opportunities. On-site technicians can advise optimal configurations for unique needs.

Comprehensive Technical Specifications

Univer offers detailed product datasheets and 3D CAD models on the MasterMac2000 website for each TecnAir rotary cylinder series. Design and functional parameters are thoroughly specified including:

  • Bore sizes from 15mm to 125mm
  • Rotation ranges from 90 to 360 degrees in most models
  • Operating pressures of 1.5-10 bar for pneumatic cylinders
  • Temperature ratings from -20°C to 80°C
  • Load and torque specifications by model
  • Material specs of extruded aluminium barrels
  • Bearing and seal types for longevity
  • Port and thread configurations
  • Dimensions, weights and mounting points

With transparent access to comprehensive performance specifications, engineers can confidently integrate TecnAir cylinders into their plant equipment and machinery designs. MasterMac2000’s pre- and post-sales support teams are always available should technical advice or clarification be needed.

Industrial Precision With Univer Support

Univer and TecnAir have decades of experience understanding the real-world challenges of industrial applications and facilities. Through continual product improvement with customer input, their rotary cylinder families provide the right balance of high precision, robustness and configurability for production environments and processes.

As an authorised distributor in Queensland, MasterMac2000 partners closely with Univer to ensure clients receive the exemplary service they have come to expect. Whether rotating conveyor belts, actuating valves, positioning workpieces or automating test rigs, customers can rely on the accurate and repeatable rotary motion of TecnAir cylinders.

For enquiries into selecting the ideal Univer rotary actuator for your next industrial project, or to obtain further technical specifications, do not hesitate to contact an applications engineer at MasterMac2000. Our Queensland-based team is always pleased to discuss how TecnAir rotary cylinders can enable precision rotational control solutions within your operations.


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